Thursday, February 8, 2007


Valentine's day Gadget.

'Crush' is a gadget specially designed for the valentine's day. You can send a message called 'Crush' to your loved ones using this gadget.

There are three tabs - In , Out & Crush.

To send a 'Crush' :

> Click on the 'Crush' tab and select desired message type. There are four types of 'Crushes'. Change them by clicking on the preview image.

> After selecting a 'Crush' enter a text message to send with it. Type your message in the given message box. You can enter up to 44 characters. To send the 'Crush' without a text keep the message box as it is.

> Click on the "Friend name" to display your friends list. (At the first time it will be shown as "Select Friend"). Click on a friend to Select.

> Now you are ready to send. Click on the blue arrow to send your 'Crush'.

> If your friend has installed Google Desktop and running the gadget he/she will get your 'Crush' or else an IM will send to the friend through 'gtalk'.

> Your 'Crush' will automatically save in 'Out'.

To receive a 'Crush' :

> You can receive a 'Crush' any time. After you got a 'Crush' it shows a notification and your gadget interface will change. [ Don't forget to turn notifications on. ]

> Click on the view button to open your message. :) Enjoy... and try to guess the sender.

> If you guessed correctly a message will be sent to the sender by saying you have guessed his/her 'Crush'.

In and Out :

> Your sent items will saved in 'Out'.

> Received items will saved in 'In'.

> You can delete messages by right click on them and selecting 'Remove'.

> Your guessed messages will be shown with a 'crushed heart' and the sender's name. Other with the date received.

Hope you'll enjoy it. Please feel free to give your valuable comments and feedbacks. They'll sure help me to improve more and more.

A special thanks to those who helped me to test & develop this gadget. :) Happy Valentine's Day.

Download : Crush [ 1.07 MB ]

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  1. Release the gadget very soon!!
    So inpatiant to get on using it.
    great work bro, maXXXa.