Sunday, February 11, 2007

Find My Heart

This is my second gadget for the valentine's day... :)

Step 1 :

> Mark your heart in the gadget by clicking on a red square.

> Select a friend from the friend list and send.

Step 2 :

> When you received a 'Heart' to find, the gadget will show a notification and change squares to blue. [ Don't forget to turn on Notifications :) ]

> Click on those blue squares and try to find the heart hidden by your friend.

> You have five attempts to do so. :)

> You won't be able to receive a new 'Heart', if you are already busy with the gadget.

Download : Find My Heart [ 49 kb ]

Get Google Desktop

A big thank to my friends who helped me develop and test this. :)

Happy Valentine's Day !


- Lala.

1 comment:

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