Friday, June 15, 2007

Screen Picker

Screen Picker
is my first Open Source gadget which I have developed using a COM Dll.

This gadget allows you to pick a color from the screen and copy it's code (html) to the clipboard. Simply it's like an eyedropper tool for the whole screen... :-)

How to use :
  • Move your mouse over the screen, the gadget retrieves pixel color where the mouse points, and display it in the small box.
  • Press F8 to select a color. The code will be automatically copied to the clipboard if the check box 'Auto copy' is checked.
  • Selected color will be displaying in the large box.
Screen Picker is an open-source gadget under Apache license hosted on Google Code. Please feel free to go through the code base and implement more features. :-)

I used :
  • VS.NET 2005 to create the helper dll. (ATL C++)
  • Many Faces... :-)
Downloads :
- Lahiru.


  1. Are there any library DLLs needed for Screen Picker?

    One one of my XP pc's Screen Picker works fine, but on the other I get a message that says [object error] upon start up.

    Any advice please?


  2. @nibor/Rob

    Please try installing this...
    in the meantime, I'll look into a solution..

    Thanks for using Screen Picker! :)


  3. Lahiru,

    Thanks for that - that now works a treat.

    As a website developer I find Screen Picker an invaluable tool. My sincere thanks for taking the time to develop this gadget, and for making it available.

    Thanks again,


  4. Hi Nibor,

    Thanks a lot! It's my pleasure...


  5. I lke the clock...but today the time changed to Day Light Savings, and the clock is still showing EST. How do I adjust the time ?

  6. Please try installing this...

    Indeed, now it works again, thanks!

  7. Exactly what I was looking for. Brilliant. Cheers!

  8. Thanks a lot! Glad you like it. :)

  9. Hi, I just downloaded this gadget and cannot figure out how to check the "Auto Copy" box. Actually, there is no box there at all. I would not mind that, but I also can't manually select and copy the text. Is there something that can be done to fix that?

  10. @Valerie: Oh yes! I have noticed the same issue. might be something with the new version of GD or so... I'll try to fix this asap. Thanks a lot for pointing it out!

  11. The Screen Picker gadget is GREAT and as a web developer saves me a great deal of time but there does seem to be one problem. I have just upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and it will hang after going to sleep. It works most of the time but if the laptop goes to sleep, when I try to bring it back to life I get a black screen for about 8 minutes and finally a message will come on the screen saying "Scren Picker is not responding - do you want remove this?".