Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Hat

It's Christmas ! Time for Christmas Hats !

Load a photo of your loved ones in the special Christmas photo frame, and put a Christmas Hat on them. :)

Click the 'Snowflake' in the bottom-right corner to show/hide the settings or right click for the context menu. You can even drag and drop a photo into the photo frame.

Download [ Size: 368KB ]

Merry Christmas !

Monday, February 25, 2008

Firefox Downloads

This simple Gadget displays the current Firefox downloads...

Download [Size: 455KB]


Foxkeh Images from,

RSS Feed from,

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


'Merry X'Mas' - A Holiday Google Gadget !

Send Christmas decorators and gifts to your gtalk buddies, and let them colorful their Christmas trees. :)

[Download - 477Kb]


Checkout this great guide on the gadget by Google Desktop Team,

Decorate your Google Talk buddy's tree! Here's how:

  1. Make sure you both have this gadget. (If not, your buddy will automatically get an IM saying where to get the tree.)
  2. Click the people icon (at the lower right) and choose an online Google Talk friend (one with a green icon).
  3. If necessary, click the item preview (at the upper right) so you see a star with a + sign.
  4. Click a decoration from the items palate (upper left).
  5. Click your tree to place the decoration.
  6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 as many times as you like.
  7. Click the Send button (upper right).

Find out more holiday gadgets here. :)

Happy Holidays!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Spooky Clock

Spooky Clock
is a Google Desktop Gadget created for the Halloween.

[Based on Google Analog Clock]

Download - [ SpookyClock ] - [400 kb]

View Screen Shot


Friday, June 15, 2007

Screen Picker

Screen Picker
is my first Open Source gadget which I have developed using a COM Dll.

This gadget allows you to pick a color from the screen and copy it's code (html) to the clipboard. Simply it's like an eyedropper tool for the whole screen... :-)

How to use :
  • Move your mouse over the screen, the gadget retrieves pixel color where the mouse points, and display it in the small box.
  • Press F8 to select a color. The code will be automatically copied to the clipboard if the check box 'Auto copy' is checked.
  • Selected color will be displaying in the large box.
Screen Picker is an open-source gadget under Apache license hosted on Google Code. Please feel free to go through the code base and implement more features. :-)

I used :
  • VS.NET 2005 to create the helper dll. (ATL C++)
  • Many Faces... :-)
Downloads :
- Lahiru.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Find My Heart

This is my second gadget for the valentine's day... :)

Step 1 :

> Mark your heart in the gadget by clicking on a red square.

> Select a friend from the friend list and send.

Step 2 :

> When you received a 'Heart' to find, the gadget will show a notification and change squares to blue. [ Don't forget to turn on Notifications :) ]

> Click on those blue squares and try to find the heart hidden by your friend.

> You have five attempts to do so. :)

> You won't be able to receive a new 'Heart', if you are already busy with the gadget.

Download : Find My Heart [ 49 kb ]

Get Google Desktop

A big thank to my friends who helped me develop and test this. :)

Happy Valentine's Day !


- Lala.

Thursday, February 8, 2007


Valentine's day Gadget.

'Crush' is a gadget specially designed for the valentine's day. You can send a message called 'Crush' to your loved ones using this gadget.

There are three tabs - In , Out & Crush.

To send a 'Crush' :

> Click on the 'Crush' tab and select desired message type. There are four types of 'Crushes'. Change them by clicking on the preview image.

> After selecting a 'Crush' enter a text message to send with it. Type your message in the given message box. You can enter up to 44 characters. To send the 'Crush' without a text keep the message box as it is.

> Click on the "Friend name" to display your friends list. (At the first time it will be shown as "Select Friend"). Click on a friend to Select.

> Now you are ready to send. Click on the blue arrow to send your 'Crush'.

> If your friend has installed Google Desktop and running the gadget he/she will get your 'Crush' or else an IM will send to the friend through 'gtalk'.

> Your 'Crush' will automatically save in 'Out'.

To receive a 'Crush' :

> You can receive a 'Crush' any time. After you got a 'Crush' it shows a notification and your gadget interface will change. [ Don't forget to turn notifications on. ]

> Click on the view button to open your message. :) Enjoy... and try to guess the sender.

> If you guessed correctly a message will be sent to the sender by saying you have guessed his/her 'Crush'.

In and Out :

> Your sent items will saved in 'Out'.

> Received items will saved in 'In'.

> You can delete messages by right click on them and selecting 'Remove'.

> Your guessed messages will be shown with a 'crushed heart' and the sender's name. Other with the date received.

Hope you'll enjoy it. Please feel free to give your valuable comments and feedbacks. They'll sure help me to improve more and more.

A special thanks to those who helped me to test & develop this gadget. :) Happy Valentine's Day.

Download : Crush [ 1.07 MB ]

Get Google Desktop


- Lala. [ Icons : http://www.icondrawer.com/ ]

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

GX'mas Tree

This gadget will make a nice Christmas tree right on your desktop.
It will light up according to your CPU usage. If the CPU usage is idle your x'mas Tree also be idle..!
So do more to light it up more & more.. :) choose your favorite x'mas
song to play in background. Right click for the menu.

GX'mas Tree - 646k
GX'mas Tree Source - 1.18Mb

Download GoolgleDesktop

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

© 2006
'GX'mas Tree' A Google Desktop Gadget

- Lala.


Gcmd - [100% Clean Award]

Opens command prompt from anywhere..!

When you need to do something in a directory buried deep down in a directory tree using Command Prompt it is a pain.
But now, you can just drag an drop folders on to Gcmd !
It can creates a Command Prompt in a given directory.


Download GoolgleDesktop

© 2006
'Gcmd' A Google Desktop Gadget

- Lala


Hi This is my newest Gadget "GtodayIS".

It's really simple.. just displays the date.

"What is the date today ?" :)

May be 'GtodayIS' will help you to find the answer.

Download GtodayIS -132 Kb
Download SourceFiles

Try different skins by clicking on the 'pin'. zoom 75% for best view. :)
Enjoy.. and please don't forget to give your comments...

Get GoolgleDesktop

- Lala.